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41 Gifts for Outdoorsy Girls Who Love Adventure

Wondering what to get the outdoorsy girl in your life? For the girl who’s constantly training for the next big hike, or has an inspiration board full of #vanlife photos on her wall, this gift guide has you covered.

These 40+ gifts for outdoorsy girls are sure to be a hit for the adventure-seeker in your life. Whether she’s into hiking, camping, National Parks or just living that granola-lifestyle, you’ll find a gift for every occasion on this list.

Top 5 Gifts for Outdoorsy Girls in 2023

For Girls who Hike: Garmin InReach Mini

For Girls who Love to Camp: YETI Tundra 45 L Cooler

For Girls who Love National Parks: America the Beautiful Parks Pass

For Girls who live to #VanLife: Goal Zero Power Station & Solar Panel Kit

Best Outdoorsy Subscription: The Nomadik Subscription

Looking for more outdoorsy gifts? Check out these other gift guides for the hiker, camper, and National Parks lover in your life.

Disclosure: Some of the items on this list were gifted to me so that I could fully test them out in the real world. This page may also contain affiliate links where I earn a small commission from any purchase – at no extra cost to you! This commission helps keep Brooke In Boots up and running. As always, all opinions are 100% honest and my own!

Gifts for Outdoorsy Girls Who Love to Hike

Ultimate Gift: Garmin InReach

The Garmin InReach Satellite is the ultimate gift for the hiker girl in your life, and my absolute favorite item on this whole list!

I never go on a hike without my Garmin InReach and having this two-way emergency satellite device offers huge peace of mind for me and my loved ones!

Why? A satellite communicator means you can call for help, even in remote backcountry areas where there is no cell service. The Garmin InReach Mini, or larger InReach Explorer+, can trigger search and rescue with the touch of a button, as well as two way text message communication to relay important information to rescue personnel, or to check in with loved ones about your status.

I’ve never had to activate the SOS button (yet) but I’ve come close a couple of times (including a bad car crash in the Utah desert). The satellite text feature pairs with my cellphone so I can effectively text my husband and family when I’m hiking or backpacking, send them my exact GPS coordinates, or allow them to track my hiking progress.

This gift is definitely a splurge, but the Garmin InReach Satellite is the ultimate safety accessory for hikers, skiers, and anyone who spends time outdoors.

Hiking Backpack

If she’s an outdoorsy girl who likes to hit the trails, this hiking day pack from Osprey is a great gift.

Rockin’ the Osprey Tempest in Yosemite / Gifts for Outdoorsy Girls

I’ve used the Osprey Tempest 2 pack for years (in fact, I ranked it the best hiking day pack, here). Its the perfectly sized pack whether she’s a beginner or experienced peak bagger. This pack is the perfect combination of useful features and supported comfort. The women’s-specific design is tailed to comfortably fit a smaller women’s torso. There’s a reason you see these packs everywhere on the trail!

A good hiking pack makes the perfect gift she’ll use for years.

Winter Hiking MICROspikes by Kahtoola

Just because the snow is falling doesn’t mean her hiking is done for the season!

For the outdoorsy girl who still loves to get at it, even when the weather turns cold, invest in a pair of Kahtoola MICROspikes.

These easy-to-use spikes are a game changer, and pretty much required gear when I head out on winter hikes. These traction spikes slip onto any hiking boot and grip into the ice and snow, preventing slips and falls.

Think of them like tire chains, but for your feet!

Kahtoola spikes are lightweight, fold small enough to fit into a jacket pocket, and come with their own waterproof carrying bag.

Trekking Poles

Not all hikers use trekking poles, but after seeing how much they’ve saved my knees on hard trails, I’m 100% converted. If she’s an outdoorsy girl looking to take on longer or more challenging hikes, high-quality trekking poles are a must.

Trekking poles come in a variety of materials, but the gold-standard are carbon trekking poles for their strength and lightweight design.

Check out these trekking poles from REI, which are lightweight carbon without (totally) breaking the bank.

Taking on even the rockiest challenges with trekking poles / Gifts for Outdoorsy Girls

Hiking Socks

You may wonder, “who really wants socks for a gift?” Well, the outdoorsy girl who loves to hike actually does! Hiking Socks can be make or break when it comes to hiking comfort and preventing blisters. These Darn Tough socks are made out of a merino wool blend, are naturally moisture and odor resistant and are my go-to hiking socks.

If you know the outdoorsy girl in your life is blister prone on her toes, consider these Injinji Trail toe socks that align your toes and prevent blisters.

Kula Cloth Antimicrobial Pee Cloth

Made for ladies (or anyone who has to squat when they pee!) the Kula Cloth is a must have for long days on the trail when, *ahem* nature calls.

This reusable antimicrobial cloth keeps your hands dry while you clean up after #1. The Pee Cloth also means no nasty toilet paper (leave no trace!) and the snap system means you can let it dry and naturally sanitize in the sun on your pack.

The Kula Cloth is made by an outrageously funny team that is women/LGBTQ owned, so you’re also supporting a small business!


For pre-dawn sunrise hikes, or finding your way in emergency situation, a headlamp is a crucial essential for all hikers to always have on hand.

The Black Diamond Headlamp emits 250 lumens, has multiple brightness settings, and a digital lockout feature means you can’t accidentally turn it on in your pack and kill the battery.

AllTrails Pro Subscription

An upgraded subscription to AllTrails Pro makes the perfect gift for outdoorsy girls. The AllTrails Pro subscription allows users to download topographic maps and GPS directions for offline use, an incredibly helpful feature on most trails and Parks where cell-service is a no-go.

At $2.99 per month ($35.99 billed annually) this gift is perfect for any budget – and one she’ll really appreciate!

Gift an All Trails Pro subscription here.

Gifts for Outdoorsy Girls in 2023

Gifts for Outdoorsy Girls Who Love to Camp

Outdoorsy girls appreciate a cozy campsite after a long day of adventure. Help her upgrade her campsite with these gifts for outdoorsy girls who love to camp.

Check out more camping gifts in my camping gift guide, here!

Ultimate Gift: YETI Cooler

Looking for the ultimate camping gift for an outdoorsy girl? This YETI Tundra 45 Cooler is the Rolls Royce of coolers.

These hard sided coolers are made using the same construction process as whitewater kayaks – meaning it can really take a beating. The cooler holds 32.9 liters (28 cans) and is super insulated to keep your food cold for days.

Theres also an included dry goods basket, so you can keep sandwiches and other items cool without getting them soggy.

At $325 (as of November 2023) this cooler is a real splurge. But if you’re looking for the ultimate upgrade to your camping setup that will really go the distance, this cooler does the trick.

Cozy Camp Slippers

After a long day or hiking and exploring, is there really anything better than slipping your tired feet into a cozy pair of slippers?

These indoor/outdoor Teva ReEmber slip ons are cozy enough to wear by the campfire at night, but durable enough to walk around your campsite. Plus they’re made out of recycled materials with a water-repellant finish.

Camp Lights

These adorable USB powered lights make any campsite a home! Plug this 30 foot string of 100 efficient LED lights into any USB port and illuminate your campsite without a headlamp or lantern. These lights come in multiple colors, and adjust to 8 different brightness settings.

Rumpl Blanket

Outdoorsy girls can celebrate their favorite National Park with this cozy, go-everywhere, machine-washable puffy blanket. Each design celebrates a different National Park, from Acadia to Zion, and each blanket is water-resistant and packs into an included stuff sack to easily go from your living room to around the campfire.

Camping Cookbooks

Campfire cooking doesn’t have to mean bad or boring meals! In fact, some of my favorite food memories have happened around a campfire. From dutch oven pizza to tin-foil seafood broils, upgrade your camp meals with these inventive camping cookbooks.

Lodge Cast Iron Cook-It-All

Everything is on the menu with this 5-in-1 cast iron cooking setup. With 5 different configurations, including a skillet, grill, griddle, pizza oven, and dutch oven, this cast iron is the ultimate camp-kitchen workhorse.


Curl up with good book, cold beer, or just put your feet up after a long day in one of these hammocks! They’re perfect for the outdoorsy girl looking to make her perfect campsite just that much more comfortable.

Best Gifts for Girls Who Love to Hit the Open Road

Does your outdoorsy girl dream of #vanlife? Maybe she lives for that months long road trip across the United States. These gifts bring a little bit of the comforts (and convenience) of home the next time she’s hitting the open road.

Ultimate Gift: Goal Zero Power Station & Solar Panel Kit

Camp off grid for however long you want – and never loose power! This portable power station by Goal Zero is the perfect road trip and van life companion. The Yeti 500x Station can charge your laptop, cellphone, CPAP machine, wifi router, or mini fridge.

Charge the Power station using the included wall charger or set up the included solar panels to charge in the backcountry.

Oh yeah, and this bad boy is also great for keeping around the house for emergencies like storms and power outages.

Need more power? Less? Goal Zero has a pretty huge range of power created specifically for outdoorsy folks from backpacking power banks to integrated systems for off-grid tiny houses and RVs. Check out the full range, here.

REI Co-op Shower Roll

From campsites to road-trips, this easy-to-pack shower roll from REI helps keep all her toiletries organized and accessible wherever she travels.

This bag holds toiletries and other small items in 3 large zipper compartments, and come with a removable mirror and hook for hanging on the bathroom door (or the nearest tree branch). This shower roll makes the perfect gift for the outdoorsy girl who never leaves home without her skin-care routine.

Geyser Shower System

A hot shower even off-grid? Um, YES PLEASE! This Geyser shower system is perfect for off-grid roadtrippers, campers, overlanders, and van lifers.

This incredible shower system from Geyser plugs into any DC outlet (aka the cigarette lighter port in your car or portable power station) and pumps out heated water to wash your gear or yourself using the included sponge attachments.

I loved using this shower after a long (sweaty) hike, or you can use it to wash your dishes, and yes, even the dog. Plus, its incredibly water-efficient, using only a gallon of water for 10 minutes of shower time.

You can use my code BOOTS2023 for 10% off your order at geysersystems.com . Or you can shop it at REI, below.

Laundry Wash Bag

Have you ever washed dirty underwear in the hotel room sink or turned our hiking socks inside out because you didn’t have a clean pair? (I have! 🙋‍♀️)

Thankfully for the outdoorsy girl (and guy) on the road, there’s an easy solution to laundry in the Scrubba Wash Bag.

This portable, watertight bag washes and rinses dirty clothes using the same idea as a washboard. No electricity required, just fill the bag, scrub, rise, and hang dry your items!

I have the Scrubba Wash Bag Untouched, which is made without dyes or bleach. The Scrubba means I can pack less clothes and not waste time at the laundromat while traveling and camping.

Gifts for Outdoorsy Girls Who Love Coffee

Kuju Coffee

Kuju Coffee is proof that gourmet coffee is possible, even in the backcountry! These single-use pour over pouches fit around the lip of your coffee mug or thermos, just open and pour hot water into the grounds.

The whole process takes about 2 minutes. Yes, this is more work than just stirring in some instant coffee crystals, but for campers who cannot function before their first cup of coffee (i.e., me) having a quality of coffee is a camping gift idea that takes the whole experience to the next level!

AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press

For the outdoorsy girl who absolutely must have a fresh cup of coffee ( I feel ya, sister), gift the Aero Press Go Travel Coffee Press. This favorite gadget of campers and travelers alike includes everything you need to brew the perfect cup-o-joe on the go (minus the beans, of course). The carrying case even doubles as a coffee mug!

Travel Mug

Early morning summit push? All day road trip? Take your coffee to go (and keep it warm alllll day) with this stainless steel double-wall vacuum insulated travel mug by YETI.

This mug is 100% leakproof, fits in your cupholder, and is dishwasher safe. The insulated bottle will keep your hot coffee warm all day, and your iced coffee cold for hours. Perfect for road trips, daily commutes and bringing your cup-of-joe on the trail for a sunrise hike!

Gifts for the Outdoorsy Girl Who Love National Parks

Ultimate Gift: America the Beautiful National Parks Pass

The number one must have gifts for National Park lovers is the annual America the Beautiful National Parks pass. For $80, this pass covers entrance fees to any one of the 63 National Parks and more than 2,000 federally managed forests and recreation areas.

National Park Sweatshirt by Parks Project

Do you know an outdoorsy girl who dreams of visiting all 63 National Parks? This vintage-style sweatshirt from Parks Project takes inspiration from the iconic “Welcome” signs at the entrance to our National Parks and National Forests.

And did you see that adorable back?

National Park Candles

Transport yourself to your favorite National Parks with these National Park Tin Candles by Good & Well. Grab these vintage inspired Good & Well Supply Co. National Parks tin candles here.

Or, check out these soy-blend candles from Parks Project. Each candle comes in a handsome glass jar with an impressive 80 hour burn time! Plus, Parks Project is one of my personal favorite brands because the give back to Parks and public lands directly from their profits! As of 2022 they’ve donated over $2.5 Million dollars!

Grab these National Parks scented candles from Parks Project, here.

National Parks Calendar by Landmark Project

Put your next National Parks trip on the calendar with this beautiful illustrated calendar by the Landmark Project.

Each month has a retro-inspired illustration from one of America’s 63 National Parks.

America’s National Parks Posters

My favorite National Parks posters are these retro 1930’s era posters by the WPA. Collect posters from your favorite Parks or inspire your next adventure with a Park you’ve yet to visit. Check out the complete collection of these vintage posters by America’s National Parks, here.

National Parks Checklist Poster

There’s a lot of National Parks checklist posters out there, but I love this one by GeoProject because you can write in the date you visited each park!

The Checklist Poster includes original illustrations for each of the 63 National Parks and fits nicely in a 16×20 frame – just like I have hanging over my own home-office desk!

Check out this National Parks Checklist Poster by GeoProject here.

Letterfolk National Park Passport Journal

This chic and pocket-sized National Parks journal is a great way to collect National Park stamps and record memories during a National Parks trip. The 48 page journal includes space for 20 National Park trips, plus extra room for bucket lists, checklists and more.

Best Apparel Gifts for Outdoorsy Girls

Teva Hurricane Sandals

Wear ’em to brunch, wear ’em in camp, on an easy trail, in the lake – the Teva Hurricane are my favorite go-anywhere do-anything sandals.

The easy-to-use velcro straps are super comfortable and adjustable so you get exactly the right fit. And the extra cushioning and rugged outsoles means they’re comfortable the whole day.

I wear these sandals in all my lake and river adventures (as well as around town) and they have the perfect traction to prevent slipping on rocks, and dry super quickly.

Vuori Halo Hoodie

This ultra-soft hoodie by Vuori feels luxurious enough for lounging by the campfire and is made with moisture-wicking performance fabrics tough enough for your morning run. This hoodie is one of my personal favorites!

Rockin’ the Vuori Hoodie in Zion / Gifts for Outdoorsy Girls

REI Co-op Trailsmith Fleece Jacket

Pulled straight out of the 1992 REI catalogue, this light fleece jacket is retro-chic gear goals for the outdoorsy girl who loves a vintage vibe.

This fleece jacket provides warmth without weight and works well as a fall or spring top layer, or a mid-layer for colder winter weather.I purchased the Trailsmith Fleece Jacket last year and pretty much haven’t taken it off since. FYI, this jacket runs large, so I would recommend sizing down for those who don’t prefer the relaxed fit.

Alder Apparel Open Air Pant

I’ve tried tons of hiking pants, but my hands down favorites are these Open Air Pants by Alder Apparel.

These pants come in a range of beautiful colors, are fully size-inclusive, are extra durable for scrambles and long days on the trail, and are * gasp * actually flattering (pretty much a first for hiking pants!) Plus, Alder is a women-owned small business that really puts women and the planet first.

Alder Open Air Pants in Angeles National Forest / Gifts for Outdoorsy Girls

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

The Patagonia Nano Puff jacket is my absolute go-to down hiking jacket and makes a great gift for the outdoorsy girl warm on those cold winter days.

Synthetic filling made out of recycled materials keeps them warm during fall and winter hikes, or sipping coffee by the campfire. Unlike natural down, synthetic insulation retains most of its heat even when wet and packs down small to fit inside their day pack.

Best Books for Outdoorsy Women

If I’m not on the trail or on the road, chances are I’m reading a good outdoorsy book to get hyped or inspired for my next adventure.

If your outdoorsy girl is also a little bit of a bookworm, check out these best books for outdoorsy women.

Women Who Hike

A celebration of 20 trail-blazing trail-conquering women, this book includes profiles of 20 incredible outdoor athletes, as well as the trails that inspire them, including maps and trail information.

The perfect inspirational gift for the outdoorsy girl who is looking to inspire her own adventures.

She Explores

For the outdoorsy girl blazing her own trail, check out She Explores, a beautiful book full of tales of women adventurers , plus tips for planning her own solo adventures.

Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed

Cheryl Strayed’s memoir about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail after the death of her mother redefined the adventure memoir genre. Popularly known for its movie adaptation starring Reese Witherspoon, this book is a gritty, intimate, gut-wrenching, and ultimately uplifting look at one woman’s journey on one of the most challenging thru-hikes in the world.

While even Cheryl herself would probably tell you not to follow the backpacking and survival advice in this novel, her message about the redeeming power of time spent outdoors makes this a must-read for every outdoorsy girl.

More Great Gifts for Outdoorsy Girls

Outdoors Subscription Box

Can’t decide what to gift an outdoorsy girl? Gift a subscription box instead with The Nomadik! I’ve been getting these outdoorsy subscription boxes delivered for over a year now and its always my favorite piece of mail!

There are two subscription levels: monthly (comes every month); and quarterly (comes every 3 months). Each box delivery has a “theme” like “Summer BBQ” “Happy Camper” or “Trail Hydration” and a mix of items that fit the theme!

The monthly boxes include great small items, like a collapsable water bottle, hydration drink mix, fire starters, first aid kids, headlamps, even beanies and hand warmers.

The Quarterly boxes include bigger items like folding camp chairs, hiking day packs, solar charging panels, and camp blankets.

Skincare that Loves the Earth

After long days in the sun, outdoorsy girls love some serious skincare! Unfortunately, many skincare products are made with single-use plastic and other less-than-eco-friendly practices.

That’s where my favorite skincare and soap brand, Spinster Sisters comes in!

This woman-owned “microsoapery” makes incredible lotions, soaps, serums, scrubs, ect. that my skin absolutely loves. All their products are made without nasty chemicals, are plant-based and cruelty free, and their “Free From” line is made without any plastic!

Joby GorillaPod Flexible Tripod

This flexible tripod is an awesome gift for outdoorsy girls who want to capture the shot for the ‘gram. I use this flexible cellphone tripod all the time to take photos on my solo hikes, or to capture cute couples photos with my husband. The flexible legs adapt to a variety of surfaces and can even wrap around a tree or trekking pole to get your shot.

Gift Cards to REI, Backcountry, and Public Lands

Stuck on deciding the perfect gifts for the outdoorsy girl on your list? Maybe you waited until the last minute and need a gift NOW – no shame, we’ve definitely all been there! Gift cards make easy last minute camping gift ideas.

All outdoor girls will appreciate a gift card to their favorite outdoor retailer like REI , Public Lands (a 1% for the Plant Co!) or Backcountry to restock on their favorite gear, or splurge on something big from their own wish-list!

Hipcamp or Tenterr Gift Gards

The next campsite reservation is taken care of with gift cards to camping reservation sites like Hipcamp or Tenterr!

Hipcamp is one of the best camping reservation websites around, with thousands of campsites, RV sites, cabins, treehouses, glamping and unique outdoor adventures stays around the country.

Tenterr takes the work out of camping with their Signature campsites, outfitted ready to go with a deck and canvas tent, beds, chairs and tables.

Thanks for checking out these gifts for National Park lovers. Need more gift ideas? Check out these other gift guides for more unique suggestions for the outdoorsy person in your life: