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Appalachian Trail Hikes

  • The Complete Guide to New Hampshire’s AMC Huts: The Ultimate White Mountains Adventure

    Greenleaf Hut – AMC Hut on Mount Lafayette

    Every year, thousands of hikers flock to the rugged White Mountains in New Hampshire. The Whites are a hikers paradise with rocky trails lead to flowing waterfalls, and challenging alpine summits. But only a lucky few ever experience the magic of spending a night in an AMC Hut among the granite peaks and sweeping vistas.

    These 8 backcountry mountain lodges, managed by the Appalachian Mountain Club, can only be accessed by foot. And while the accommodations are spartan and the trails rugged, the rustic summer-camp vibes and unmatched scenery keep families and hikers (myself included) returning year after year.

    After several summers spent in the AMC Huts I can confidently say that a stay at these alpine bunkhouses is a must-do on every hiker and adventure lovers bucket list! This guide covers everything you need to know to start planning your ultimate New Hampshire AMC hut adventure.

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